Make money - 20% of our sales

Hello  This time  Affiliate Account is activated on system.You can get  own link and Introduce us to your friends   After you buy your friends, you will receive 20% of the purchase price ! We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link. For activate and get your link please check this ... Read More »

17th Sept 2020
New Theme on cPanelSave

The cPanelSave user interface has changed due to its ease of use Dear users

If there is a problem with the show, please let us know via ticket

15th Aug 2020
WebMony is available


For this time webmoney payment is available 

its only available for more 50$ invoice

for payment (add balance) with webmoney , you need send ticket to create webmoney invoice and send invoice for you.


17th Feb 2020
bitcoin is available with 5% off

Hiyou can get discount for any product or more5% discount on all invoice with bitcoin you can pay your invoice via bitcoin  instead of paypal To use virtual money, do not select PayPal when paying. Note: Discount is automatically calculated when paying max discount is 5$    Update 2020/08/15: Discount for bitcoin is ... Read More »

7th Feb 2020